Funding Areas

The Foundation’s funding interests span a range of programs that predominantly support organizations in the greater Washington, DC region, as well as some organizations with a national scope. Follow the links below to view our recent grants in each program area.

DC Community

The England Family Foundation was founded in and remains committed to the local Washington, DC community.


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The Foundation supports mission driven partners that are deeply-rooted in DC and serve historically excluded communities, particularly those East of the River and Immigrant populations. This includes community clinics, food access/justice, workforce development, economic opportunity, and legal assistance.

DC Statehood

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DC Community Grants

DC Statehood



The Foundation supports 501(c)(3) efforts to obtain DC Statehood and the basic right for DC to have voting representation in Congress. For more than 200 years, residents of DC have been subjected to systemic inequality and denied the full rights of citizenship. The time is long-overdue to right this historic wrong.

Education & Youth-Development

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The Foundation believes that every child has potential, regardless of zip code, race, and circumstances, and our work in this area is fundamentally a pursuit of racial justice. As we work to close the opportunity gap, our investments include both in-school as well as out-of-school-time interventions. Funding is exclusive to Washington, DC.

Justice Reform

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The Foundation recognizes that in order to have equitable justice reform, the city must end the over-criminalization of Black and other people of color in the District and provide authentic support to and with all returning citizens. As a new funding area to the Foundation, we seek to understand community priorities, centering the voices of those with lived experience, and to support advocacy as well as high-quality reentry services for successful reintegration back into the community.

Gun Violence Prevention

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The Foundation views gun violence as a public health crisis and ultimately seeks to save lives and improve communities throughout the country through common-sense gun violence prevention work. As a funding area new to the Foundation, inaugural grants support advocacy, research, education, and community-based organizing in order to reduce gun injuries and deaths.

Jewish Community Life

Rooted in the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam (“Repair the World”), the England Family Foundation is proud to support organizations working in the following areas:

Reproductive Health

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The England Family Foundation cares deeply and believes that all people should have the rights and resources to make and act on decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. The England Family Foundation provides support to help ensure high quality, safe, affordable, and accessible reproductive medical care and education in Washington, DC and beyond, particularly for low-income women of color. In addition, the Foundation supports legal efforts to advance reproductive rights as fundamental human rights across the United States.

Voting Rights

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The Foundation seeks to increase participation in every election and close the race and age gaps in voting. Crucial information and resources are to be provided so that voters can safely exercise their right to vote. In order to combat voter suppression, the Foundation feels an imperative to provide all of the tools necessary to create a more informed electorate prepared to exercise this right.

Family Legacy

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During their lives, Lois and Dick generously contributed to hundreds of organizations annually. As a way to continue honoring their legacy, the Foundation provides support to select causes that may lie beyond the scope of the Foundation guidelines. In addition, each family member is able to make individual discretionary grants to organizations.

Sector Support

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Recognizing that no single foundation nor leader can do it alone, as a member of the philanthropic community, the England Family Foundation supports and participates in several sector-wide organizations, collaboratives, working groups, and collective initiatives. Together with many of our funding colleagues, we are working toward a “new normal” – rooted in equity, justice, and our shared humanity – that helps build a more racially just society where everyone can thrive.

COVID-19 Response

Recent Grants

In 2020, the Foundation awarded grants in direct response to the overwhelming impact of the COVID-19 crisis. learn More about our response.